25 Ross St. • PO Box 596 • Wharton NJ 07885

About Us


Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative engineering and design solutions with superior installations and services that enhance life safety, security, and communications, embodying our motto: “Protection for Life.”


Our success is built on six pillars that we hold dear: Clients, Employees, Partners, Community, Honor, and Integrity. We are committed to maintaining these values in all our endeavors.

Our Founders:

Alarm & Communication Technologies, LLC was founded by two distinguished leaders in the fire alarm and security industry, each bringing decades of expertise and a profound commitment to excellence. Their combined efforts have propelled our company to the forefront of the industry.

Both founders began their careers with major players in the sector and have since dedicated themselves to mastering every aspect of the business through rigorous work and continuous professional development. They share a straightforward philosophy: deliver quality work, ensure it’s done right, and stand by it unwaveringly.

For over 27 years, they have focused on exceeding customer expectations by proactively addressing their concerns, living by the credo, “I listened to what wowed customers and I listened hard to what worried them. For decades, our team has worked every day to wow customers, simply by eliminating the worry.” This approach has ensured that every client experiences significant peace of mind, aptly summed up as “three less worries.”

In 1999, one of the founders expanded the company’s scope by founding Alarm & Communication Technologies, evolving it into a comprehensive service provider. Today, ACT offers an array of solutions from fire alarm & life safety to security systems, network cabling, and audio/visual setups, priding itself as a one-stop shop that meets the diverse facility needs of its customers.

Their extensive experience and dedication have not only shaped ACT into a leading service provider but also established it as a company known for “protection for life.” Their leadership ensures that all aspects of safety and communication are seamlessly integrated and managed under one roof, safeguarding the well-being of our clients and their properties.